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Conquering the digital renaissance

Sappience is a story about enthusiasm and passion that originates in knowledge and is driven by an inspiring vision for the future.


As part of the digital transformation journey of asset-intensive organizations from its beginning, we have recognized the demand for the rapid development of software applications. But although modern technologies kept changing the way we live our lives, the absolute value for these companies was yet to unfold.

Current tools were failing to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises. They couldn’t embrace the vast knowledge and expertise of the professionals working there, automate operations, or predict challenges in critical business areas. Companies could not find solutions to meet their enterprise needs for intelligent asset management, thus stripping them of the inspiration to build, grow and excel.


But instead of accepting what the enterprise world looks like, we decided to change it. We already knew what the market needed. We saw what modern software is capable of and how we can refine it. And we had all the experience required to disrupt the way enterprises approach their asset lifecycle management.


Then, we fused human wisdom, data-backed knowledge, and low-code technology to bring Digital Twins to every asset-intensive company and thus empower enterprises to reimagine asset management.


Making asset management fully connected

Today, Sappience helps asset-intensive companies across the world to establish a 360-degree view of every aspect of their asset lifecycle management. By harnessing the strengths of Low-Code development and Digital Twins, we bring you a single solution to establish full data transparency, deeper insights, and increased asset efficiency throughout your company.

And with such a comprehensive look at how every asset operates, you and your enterprise are empowered to step into the digital renaissance and conquer the vast possibilities Industry 4.1 holds in store.

Our company values

We build a connected future where every asset has a Digital Twin by using a mindset that includes four main pillars.


Every piece of information must be available anytime you need it. Gaining valuable insights through accessible data is vital for for innovation.


Freedom is essential to success. Everyone has the power to share their ideas, explore challenges, and create solutions.


Insightful individuals are crucial to strong teams. Autonomy brings together accountability and the strive to overcome setbacks and breathes life to a shared vision.


To create is beautiful, to innovate is art. We deeply value everyone’s creative process, as it is part of our way to bring change into the world.


We are a recognized Microsoft Partner

Sappience and Microsoft are developing a strategic business and technology partnership.


Sappience has achieved a Microsoft Gold Partner Status in Application Integration and Application Development. We are proud to bе аmong the 1% of +64,000 Microsoft partners worldwide to be awarded the Gold Partner Status in two domains; the first CEE-based partner and the only pure Low-Code product-based company to do it.

Additionally, we are among less than 30 companies and the only CEE-based one recognized by Microsoft with the Low-Code Advanced Specialization – the highest accreditation for the Power Platform for Microsoft Partners. It is a proof of excellence in specialization, implementation, delivery, and support for Low-Code solutions on the Microsoft Power Platform. Sappience is the only Microsoft partner worldwide to achieve competency, for whom Low-Code development is at the heart of the business model and serves as a product development technology (ISV).


Finally, Asset Insider is a certified solution by Microsoft, listed in App Source, and named “Preferred solution” due to the high review score from our user community.


Proven associate expertise


The success stories that define us

Asset Insider serves clients from North America, Asia, and Europe and in different industries. Together, we reimagine Asset Management through Low-Code and Digital Twins.

Outstanding rating


Asset Insider is recognized as a Preferred Solution in Microsoft AppSource with an outstanding rating from customers and partners alike.

"Very Successful Large Multi-Branch Corporate Implementation: Replaced our highly customized, but antiquated Asset Procurement system with Asset Insider. Sappience was excellent and very professional in guiding us through the entire implementation cycle and accommodated our unique needs and highly unusual budgeting process. Currently, our go-live went very smoothly and we have over 60+ branches using the program. Our business users are giving much praise for Asset Insider!"

Terrie Sabate

Enterprise Systems Manager, LandCare LLC

"Excellent end-to-end asset lifecycle management solution: Quick to deploy, will also assist with business processes and formulating and testing processes."

Johan Jansen van Rensburg

Asset Management & Reliability Consultant, Subject Matter Expert

"Asset Insider is key for keeping track of close to 350,000 PON devices across 21 cities in India. Every movement - from the vendor to warehouse to partner to installation engineer to customer and back. This couldn't be possible without integrating Sappience's asset management solution with our workforce automation app, inventory, and ERP systems. They understood the problem and the needs of Excitel in-depth and provided the perfect Low-Code solution tailored to meet the specific requirements of Excitel and the Telecommunication industry."

Nikolai Gorchilov

Founder and CEO, Excitel Broadband

"High Impact System: Highly customizable. Excellent support from the Sappience team throughout. We've received so much positive feedback on the time savings this app has given our users. Highly recommend!"

Hannah Ault

Operations Support Manager, LandCare LLC

"The sappience team is fast and responsive. Professional, communicative, and ready to go the "extra mile", they keep the customer satisfied with the exact Low-Code solution, adapted to the needs of the business."

Remotehands 24/7

"Now we can track our valuable assets in seconds and see their full timeline and life-cycle history. There is no need for different solutions for the asset management of IT equipment, Facility management, or CMMS - everything is in Asset Insider."

Plamen Velkov

IT Manager, Orbico Group

"Asset Insider proved to be a flexible and well-architected system for asset management, fitting to the needs of Excitel. Sappience's support for the rolling out of the complex integrated solution was also highly appreciated."

Penka Alexandrova

Technical Lead, Excitel Technology


Driven by achievements

We use every achievement as a stepping-stone to make our digital vision a reality.


Sappience was established.

Putting Low-Code at the core

We entered the Low-Code world as a product company.

First MVP

The first MVP of the Low-Code solution for Enterprise Asset Management – Asset Insider, came into prominence.

First implementation

The first client of Asset Insider, based in Europe, goes live across the organization.

A new marketplace

Asset Insider officially launches in Microsoft App Source.

Entered a new market – Asia

Asset Insider breaks through in Asia with a project for one of the fastest growing ISPs in India.

Joined the Digital Twin Consortium

Sappience became one of the first members of the Digital Twin Consortium.

Recognized by users as a preferred solution

Asset Insider became a preferred solution in App Source.

Qualified for the Microsoft for Startups

Sappience is acknowledged as a Microsoft for Startups member.

First investment milestone

Sappience raised first investment capital to support team expansion and Go-to-Market.

Entered a new market – the USA

Sappience enters USA with a large multi-branch implementation of Asset Insider in the Facility Management industry.

Awarded a double Gold Partner Status

Sappience achieved a Microsoft Gold Partner Status in the areas of Application Integration and Application Development.

Acquired the Low-Code Advanced Specialization

Recognized with the Low Code Advanced Specialization.

Laied the foundation for partnerships

Established a partner program.

Asset Insider 4.1

Sappience launched the latest Asset Insider release.

A powerful user community

In total, all Asset Insider users manage 700,000 active assets.

Part of our team

Our team has over 15 years of experience in enterprise software and integrated business management systems.

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Angel Georgiev

Chief Executive Officer

Atanas Yanakiev

Chief Technology Officer

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