What is new in the latest Asset Insider release? 

On February 17 we are launching the latest release for Asset Insider for the year 2023. This version of the Digital Twin Enterprise Asset Management software brings over 8 updates and new features that enable users to automate administrative activities and gain deeper visibility in the status of priority asset parameters. 

All new features and upgrades to get excited about!

The ‘Portfolio Budgeting’ feature provides precise estimations for costs (maintenance and operations) and revenue for assets in demand. It combines with ‘Budgeted vs. Actual’ reporting so users can control corporate demand for assets and the cash flow.

With the upgraded ‘Asset Requests’, Asset Insider goes beyond automating the process of requesting assets and makes requests fulfilment more efficient and traceable.

Instead of Purchasing or Selling an asset, now you can lease or rent them with the help of the new ‘Asset Lease/Rent’ functionality. It goes along with Contract and Cost management.

3D Models in Asset Insider

Going further, the 3D Models serve for visualization and mapping of points on the asset. These three-dimensional detailed visualizations enable specific physical features to be examined in greater detail. Users can even add extra points as pins.

There is a simpler and faster way to update the status of your assets. We are referring to it as ‘Quick Actions’. In Asset Insider, users can modify asset’s statuses with this functionality, e.g., mark the asset as “Available for Transfer”, or change its Location.

Asset Insider now integrates with Microsoft Intune Integration

What does it mean for your business? The integration between our Enterprise Asset Management software and Microsoft Intune links your corporate IT devices (enrolled in Intune), e.g., mobile devices or desktop computers, with the assets in Asset Insider. Different kind of parameters can be synchronized, e.g., Operation System, mobile provider, phone number (SIM card), Security Patch date/version, and many others.

This helps you track enterprise devices more easily and provides better visibility of current active mobile service subscriptions.

What else is improved?

Inventory Management in Asset InsiderThe first release of Asset Insider for 2023 boasts an entirely redesigned Approval System which supports two types of approval chains – parallel and sequential. Furthermore, there is a new functionality which allows the user to reassign waiting approvals. The solution now brings extended features in the Inventory Check module facilitating internal checks, reports, and dynamic parameters maintenance.

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