An overview of the Rapid Start pack for Asset Insider

The Rapid deployment pack for Asset Insider (low-code asset management solution) brings you 360-degree control over the asset lifecycle to:

  • Carry out outstanding asset maintenance schedules
  • Track assets across locations in real-time
  • Perform precise condition monitoring for priority parameters
  • Automate key processes at each stage of the asset lifecycle

In just 2-4 weeks you will have a full-scale enterprise asset management solution implemented. From design to going Live, our product team will ensure quick customer onboarding with full deployment support, detailed user guides, and on-demand access to technical documentation repository (Knowledge Hub).

The Rapid deployment pack provides the basic functionalities of Asset Insider with urgent customizations if required. Once implemented and Live, this enterprise asset management software will be a solid foundation for any further upgrades, custom functionalities, and integrations.

Download the full pack specification to learn what is (not) included and additional details for execution:

What are the core challenges of Asset Management and software deployment that we solve?

The three main challenges of Enterprise Asset Management have always been related to cost, risk management, and optimizing asset performance. But today, organizations are also looking to embrace to new business models, driven by Mobility and Automation.

As per stats by McKinsey Digital, on average, large IT projects run:

  • 45% over budget, and
  • 7% over time, while
  • delivering 56% less value than predicted.

Our goal is to help you extend the asset lifecycle, maximize asset productivity, reduce unnecessary expenses, and gain predictability in business operations. All of these in a simplified, efficient and rapid way.

Asset Insider Rapid Deployment Pack: Functionalities for each asset lifecycle stage

Review the diagram presenting the key functionalities from Asset Insider that will serve you at each asset lifecycle stage.

Asset Insider Rapid Start Deployment Pack Functionalities for every lifecycle stage

The timeframe for the Asset Insider Rapid Deployment Pack

With the Rapid deployment of this enterprise asset management solution, you are embracing the asset lifecycle from demand to disposal and also:

  • A solid foundation for further boost and expansion by customizations and integrations
  • Adoption of asset management and enterprise solution deployment best practices
  • 1-month free Asset Insider trial (covering the rapid onboarding)
  • Full-scale asset management solution in less than 4 weeks
  • Unlimited Access to Knowledge hub
  • Reliable Support system
  • Rapid Time-to-Value

Asset Insider Rapid Start Deployment Pack Project Timeframe

About Asset Insider

Asset Insider is a Low-Code Enterprise Asset Management solution based on the Microsoft Power Platform for asset-intensive organizations. It bolsters them in managing the full asset lifecycle with its Digital Twin and Low-Code capabilities. You can address the three main challenges of Asset Management – cost, risk, and performance, and reimagine how your business performs. Asset Insider brings Enterprise Asset Management, the Low-Code technology, and the Digital Twins in the hands of the user, to help them achieve target asset performance, operational efficiency, and lifecycle duration.

Why us?

We are a recognized Microsoft Power Platform, with a double Microsoft Gold Partner Status in Application Development and Application Integration. Through the achievement of the highest accreditation for the Power Platform – the Low-Code Advanced Specialization – we can support our customers and partners with complex customizations, functionality development, and solution management for Low-Code applications.

Currently, Asset Insider serves clients from three continents (North America, Asia, Europe) and in several industries. The Low-Code solution for Enterprise Assets and Digital Twin management:

  • Manages 1,000,000 active assets
  • Deliver 2-6x faster deployment
  • Brings 5-25% in cost reduction

Together, we reimagine Asset Management through Low-Code and Digital Twins.