Orbico adopts Asset Insider Idustry 4.1 Solution

Orbico Bulgaria introduced and deployed Asset Insider in early 2020 to continuously improve and innovate in the management of enterprise assets. Today, one of the largest distributors and providers of logistics services on the market continues its development with the latest version of Asset Insider – Industry 4.1 solution.

The process of migration of Orbico’s hundreds of assets took place in just a few days. Besides, the low-code approach and capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform have allowed the migration of custom features and functionality of the previous version of Orbico’s Asset Insider to the new one to take place smoothly and seamlessly.

The latest version of Asset Insider – 4.1 Industry Solution, was officially released in September 2020. The new features and improvements are in line with Orbico’s feedback, user recommendations, and stakeholders, including Orbico’s.

Asset Insider, based on the Microsoft Power Platform, is in line with Orbico’s digital transformation strategy, combining the adoption of leading technologies from vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Mantis, and automated asset-intensive infrastructure management using Digital Twins and related technologies.

A major challenge for an international distributor and logistics company is managing wider groups of the asset portfolio. With a complete update of the functionalities – renewed user interface, higher productivity, and faster processing, Asset Insider opens new possibilities for satisfying the desire and needs of the client.

The subscription model of the Low-Code application ensures that the customer receives the latest version of their desktops and mobile phones. Asset Insider will be there to digitally recreate Orbico’s new € 26.5 million logistics center in 2021 and the equipment inside.

Who are Orbico Group?

Orbico Group is the leading distributor in Europe, managing the logistics of deliveries in 20 countries of cosmetics, food products, technical and electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, toys, textiles, cigarettes, and motor oil products.

Orbico and a team of over 8,000 people collaborate with leaders such as P&G, Shell, IQOS, Duracell, brAun, Pringles, Whiskas, Pedigree, Ariel, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Hot Wheels, and many more to reach their customers in local markets.

Asset Insider – The Industry 4.1 Solution

Asset Insider is a low-code asset management software for optimizing assets throughout their full lifecycle by leveraging the latest digital technologies.

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, this low-code app will help you achieve greater efficiency and growth by combining AI, IoT, and RPA to create a full-fledged Digital Twin of every asset, system, and process you have.