Sappience launches their first Consulting Service 'Digital Twin Enablement 2 Week Assessment' in AppSource

Get a blueprint for enforcing Digital Twins in your Enterprise Asset Management method

Sappience launches its first Consulting Service in Microsoft AppSource – the Digital Twin Enablement 2-Week Assessment. We will guide asset-intensive companies towards realizing the potential of existing processes and asset portfolios and deploying the Digital Twin technologies in their Asset Management.​ See how the Assessment goes in practice.

The bear trap for asset-intensive companies

The operations in asset-heavy industries depend on the performance of critical infrastructure and equipment, yet they have been suffering from organizational misalignment for a long time. Thousands of companies exist in a vicious cycle of constant contingencies, downtime, and underperformance of critical equipment and infrastructure.

This challenge has not gone unnoticed, and more and more executives in various markets have focused their efforts on exploiting digital for greater efficiency and new growth. Among the myriad of tech solutions, there are the Digital Twins. This concept and technology are more applicable than ever in Asset Management. All an enterprise needs are a structure and a model to guide the adoption and understanding of tools facilitating the deployment.

Digital Twin Enablement: Conceiving the way towards value chain alignment

The three deliverables from the Digital Twin Enablement Two Week Assessment

The Digital Twin Enablement Assessment provides you with a blueprint for enforcing Digital Twins in your Enterprise Asset Management procedures. Within 2-weeks, we will conduct 4-workshops to assess your existing assets, processes, people, and technology and define the critical objectives for your organization.

In the second stage of the project, our team will match the assessment outcomes against the Digital Twins and Low-Code principles and technologies to find the best-fit solutions for your teams and goals.

Towards the end of the second week, Sappience will prepare an Assessment Report and an Action Plan implemented in the Priority Quadrant. We will finish this third and last phase of the Digital Twin Enablement Assessment with a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) of the presented Plan and results.

Enable your Intelligent Asset Management Strategy with the power of the Digital Twin and the flexibility of Low-Code

With the Digital Twin Enablement Assessment, you will receive specific advice and approach for optimizing the relationships between people, business processes, assets, and their management approach. We will connect the assessment outcomes with the goals and appropriate tools for their implementation. Sappience will guide you on how to realize the potential of your current processes and assets and use your existing strengths to increase profit margins.​ Send us a request via AppSource and evolve your business with the Digital Twins.

“Thanks to their distinctive quality as business analysts and experience working with asset-intensive industries, Sappience created an enabling model embracing all of Excitel requirements and goals, starting from the stakeholders to the last asst involved.” – Nikolai Gorchilov, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of ​Excitel