‘Now in these challenging times, the digital transformation is at the top of the agenda list for many organizations, managers, and industries. One example is the digitalization of education that we have witnessed in the last few months. The transformation took place within a few weeks, and until 2, 5, and even 10 years ago this was not possible. This reveals the importance and value of digitalization for the different sectors.’

With these words Kalin Dimchev – Microsoft Multicountry Country Manager – opened our live webinar, heralding a strong session dedicated to the future of industries in this rapidly evolving Industrial world.

In the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci created many innovative inventions. However, their first application took place years later. Some of his innovations exist and are still used today – helicopters, parachutes, bridges. Today we have inventions that are changing the world around us – like those of Da Vinci. Our task is to learn from history and this time to embrace the opportunity for accelerated transformation.

The Telecommunications industry is continuously evolving

Zeta Tsatsani – Microsoft CEE Telco & Media Director – presented the steps that Telecom and Utility organizations need to take in the digital age to remain competitive and sustain growth.

She introduced the audience to the three waves of competitive advantage for organizations in the sector and their evolution:

  1. Network Coverage
  2. Product Bundling
  3. Digital Ecosystem

Demonstrates the workforce and several innovative scenarios that Microsoft has implemented with 3 of the largest telecommunications organizations.

In the same way, Zeta presented the change in utilities – energy mix, decentralization, and electrification. Focus on the growing need for renewable energy, where intelligent cloud and intelligent grid are present in the digital transformation and what it means for a business to be digital.

The Evolution of Asset Management

Angel – the CEO of Sappience – took us through the evolution of asset management by sharing knowledge and advice on the following topics:

#Business evolution – origin and standards

Starting in the 1980s and still today – asset management has gone through a long process of creating different standards (PAS 55 and ISO 5500X suite) and improving practices, facing various difficulties, and discovering many new opportunities.

#Technology evolution – alignment with Industry 3.0 and Industry 4.0

The technological advancement from Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0. What are the challenges preventing Industry 4.0 from becoming a reality?

How Asset Management can evolve?

From PAS 55 through PaaS to Digital Twins.

Bring the Digital Twins to life – boost business performance

What are the Digital Twins? What technologies make it up and what are the requirements for its existence. How you can implement it to improve business processes and performance.

Asset Insider – Industry 4.1 Solution

Atanas Yanakiev – Sappience CTO – introduced the audience to the home of the Digital Twins – Asset Insider. He presented the structure of the low-code application, referring to the two-stage rocket Falcon 9. Each part of the spacecraft corresponds to a part of the technological solution:

  1. First stage – Azure Services and IoT Hub
  2. Interstage- Connectors
  3. Second Stage – Power Platform
  4. Spacecraft – Asset Insider

Then, Atanas moved on to the real-life demonstration of the Digital Twins technology.

The Demo setup is part of the infrastructure of an electricity provider – substation which has a large transformer. Characteristics that appear in the asset profile are:

  • Asset Name
  • Assignee
  • Location
  • Company
  • Serial number
  • Internal number
  • Group (SXU)
  • Asset Ownership

Then Atanas demonstrated the various features of Asset Insider, some of which are:

  • Simulate and manage the entire asset lifecycle
  • Purchase Info
    Warranty management
  • Parameter Values
  • Financial tracking

Atanas continued the demo by showing how predictive models are created with AI Builder and historical data to prevent breakdowns before they even occur.

Empower the Value Chain by adopting Digital Twins technology in Utilities & Telco

Special thanks to the Microsoft team for their cooperation and teamwork in this event. Thank you as well for empowering us to make this webinar happen!

Coming up next – Oceania edition featuring Utility and Transportation and Logistic industries.