Angel Georgiev was on a “Business Meeting” on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria with Tanya Krasteva to discuss how Sappience was born and how the smart business apps of the future look like.

Below you can find the video, broadcasted on 15th of October 2019 followed up by the publication on Bloomberg’s official website.

Have in mind that the video is in Bulgarian, but here are some of the highlights in English extracted from :

“We are on the market from the summer and we built Sappience with the idea of ​​creating new technology-based products and to develop business applications for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations.”

This is what Angel Georgiev, Founder, and CEO of Sappience, said in the business meeting with host Tanya Krasteva.

“These innovative software applications are generally oriented towards the management of the company’s resources – assets, machines, equipment, people, but also on products related to customer service and maintenance,” Georgiev specified.

“The purpose of the applications is not to replace the core systems that the company uses. We are targeting fragmented and non-automated processes to be optimized by our apps.”

“Our clients can any company, but we try to target them both by industry and by horizontal processes. We have already finished one product and we are in the process of developing two more.”

Angel Georgiev shared the curious information that there is an expectation of about 500 million applications to be created and used by business or end-users in the next 5-6 years, with tendencies around 60% -65% of them being written on a low-code platform.

“If you want to be a leader in the innovation process, you have to be bolder.”

Angel thinks that the entrepreneurial environment in the Bulgarian IT sector is probably one of the strongest at the moment. However, he believes there may still be conservativeness about risks and investments.