LandCare improves operational efficiency and productivity with automated asset management

Towards efficient and sustainable Asset Management practices with LandCare

LandCare is one of the largest and most comprehensive providers of commercial landscape services in the United States with two-decade history in the business. With 60-70 branches in about 25 states (~ ½ from the US), the company ranked 10th among the 100 largest Land & Landscape companies in the country in 2021.

“Beautiful landscaping inspires. It welcomes. It brings you back to the wonder of nature. And it makes a lasting impression on every person who visits your property.”

The challenge that brought LandCare and Sappience together

LandCare began looking for a solution because of the need to change its existing asset ordering system. It was very complicated, not subject to customizations, or integrations.

“Asset equipment ordering and tracking system” was the name of their request (Request for proposal (RFP)) towards Sappience. Initially, the idea was for the new system to cover only a few of the processes described in the RFP.

Evaluation and implementation

LandCare teamed up with Sappience to transform how they manage the end-to-end processes throughout the lifecycle of their 7,000-8,000 assets with Asset Insider. The Low-Code solution embraces all the stages – from demand to disposal.

In the initial stage of the project, both teams set the ground for collaboration and held several product demonstrations and a presentation in front of the entire management team. In this phase, the value from the combined benefits of the Power Platform, the Low-Code technology, and Asset Insider came up front.

Proof of Concept (PoC): Initial solution version and democratized experience

The PoC phase precedes the formal onboarding in the Sappience implementation methodology. The main goals for the project were to: 

  • detail and refine the project scope and its requirements, resulting in a more detailed project blueprint (Project DNA)
  • demonstrate how through Low-Code customization the solution can adapt to the unique requirements of the client 

At the end of the phase, an initial version of the solution was developed with complete documentation for the product and the project. During the PoC stage, LandCare’s team utilized the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform to develop a connector between Asset Insider and their corporate ERP system. This demonstrates how the client can participate in the delivery of the project and maintain, integrate, and customize the product by applying the principles of Low-Code development.

Automated processes, saved resources, centralized asset management

Today, LandCare works with automated processes at each stage of the asset lifecycle:

  1. Planning for and fulfilling the demand for new assets with asset budgeting
  2. Flexible and customizable “Request & Approval” processes
  3. Dynamic synchronization of Master Data through complete integration with the corporate ERP system and databases.
  4. Reselling and replacement of assets in the disposal stage

With the help of Asset Insider, LandCare overcame its initial challenges related to out-of-date IT infrastructure, scattered information on different systems, and no opportunities for customization. The company achieved complete process automation and eliminated a large amount of manual work that was previously invested.

“Replaced our highly customized, but antiquated Asset Procurement system with Asset Insider. Sappience was excellent and very professional in guiding us through the entire implementation cycle and accommodated our unique needs and highly unusual budgeting process. Currently, our go-live went very smoothly and we have over 60+ branches using the program. Our business users are giving much praise to Asset Insider!”

– Terrie Sabate, Enterprise Systems Manager @ LandCare LLC

What’s ahead for LandCare?

For LandCare, the operational phase is to be optimized with advanced functionalities in Asset Insider for key Supply Chain processes, maintenance, and repair practices, data collection and processing, and inventory management.

“Highly customizable. Excellent support from the Sappience team throughout. We’ve received so much positive feedback on the time savings this app has given our users. Highly recommend!”

Hannah Ault, Operations Support Manager @ LandCare LLC

About Sappience

Sappience helps asset-intensive companies across the whole world to establish a 360-degree view of every single aspect of their asset lifecycle management.​ By harnessing the strengths of both Low-Code development and Digital Twins, we give you the single tool to establish full data transparency, deeper business insights, and increased asset efficiency.