Sappience Team is very happy and excited to announce that we are kicking-off 2020 in a new office. New office and actually a place we can call our new home. Living and working in the digital renaissance allow everyone to do business in almost every place on the planet. But at the end of the day, we are humans and we need to share face to face, to talk live, to smile, to laugh, even to be serious, together… And we are going to do it this way!

This Way is the newest state-of-the-art coworking hub in Sofia, the city with one of the fastest-growing tech, digital and innovative ecosystems in Europe. The office space is designed for creative and innovative minds providing a combination between pure art, out of the box thinking, new ideas, the latest techs, and innovations. And this mix is exactly what brought Sappience to This Way.

Angel, Founder & CEO of Sappience, had something to add on this hot topic:

“Moving forward and having this new Sappience’ home is another step for achieving our goals – to apply innovative business models and deliver innovative business applications to our customers. This is the place where we can evolve, grow as a team, and continue to be creative and innovative. Starting the new year in a positive way is always a good thing. And we can’t think for something better than be in This Way on the first business day of 2020.

Our new working & meeting point, as well as classic mailbox & delivery address, is:

This Way Coworking Hub | Office 401 | 2 Ivan Abadjiev str. | Sofia | Bulgaria |