Our journey to the IoT Solutions World Congress 2023

From all of us at Sappience: Thank you to everyone who expressed their interested, visited our booth, or otherwise supported our endeavour at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2023

This was the largest event we have ever taken part in, and we can proudly say that our preparations and efforts proved fruitful. The fact that the King of Spain Felipe VI attended the conference shows that IoT and Digital Twin technologies are definitely a big thing now and perhaps will be even greater in the future.

Our booth was a magnet for attention! The LEGO demonstration of our software – Asset Insider – was the crown jewel, and we got several compliments for the idea of creating a visual presentation of how the Digital Twins work. The booth was humming with visitors and exhibitors, and we met a lot of interesting people from various industries like Manufacturing, Energy, Telecommunication, Logistics and Transportation, and Audio-Visual Technology.

Along with our fellow exhibitors, we were happy to welcome many organizations to Industry 4.1! We discussed their most pressing challenges and how Asset Insider can address them, allowing organizations to better manage their assets.

Most of the exhibitors at the event were on the side of hardware manufacturing which opened the way for many beneficial new connections. Software and hardware are like the heads and tails of a single coin, after all. The congress allowed us to meet with some of our potential partners and users for the first time in person!

We noticed that manufacturers are beginning to feel the need to integrate the physical and digital aspects of their businesses (IoT was a hot topic), but despite their vision, they still lack understanding of the subject. It is yet for them to discover how to approach the diverse technologies and the Digital Twins and set specific goals for their application.

We managed to give a clearer perspective on where and how Digital Twin software could reduce risks and costs along with boosting efficiency. Of course, this is not a simple subject that can be covered in small talk, so a lot of work awaits us.

The IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona was a grandiose event, and it was an honour for us to participate in it. Our future will be an adventure, and we are happy to be able to share it with you! Stay tuned.