Managing 1,000,000+ assets across India with a resilient supply chain

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Excitel Broadband is one of the top 10 fastest-growing internet service providers in India, and the first to adopt a Digital Twin-powered supply chain management for their assets.


Sappience and Excitel partnered in 2020 to create an Amazon-like approach for internal asset logistics and build supply chain resiliency with automated asset lifecycle management.


The beginning of our joint work aligned with the launch of the new business line – Excitel Fiber, internet service with ultra-high speeds, up to 300mbps., specifically designed for the consumer’s home (Fiber To The Home Infrastructure). The company had to supply and connect each Internet user in Delhi with an ONU (Optical Network Unit) device. That challenged Excitel to own and manage 150,000 Optical Network Units in 2020, expected to grow over 6-times in 2-years.


Since the start of the project, with the Digital Twins and the Low-Code technology, Excitel has expanded its portfolio from 150,000 to 1,000,000 assets and grew its subscriber base from 300,000 in 2020 to 800,000 in 2022. We reimagined how technology and people work together in Telecommunication.


Learn how the company enables automated tracking of physical assets at every lifecycle stage. Explore the steps Excitel took towards unlocking supply chain resiliency in internal asset logistics and automated lifecycle management. Finally, read how we created an Amazon-like internal logistics architecture with AI image processing and logical decision-making.

Project summary

Client: Excitel Broadband
Industry: Telecommunications
Location: India
Customer Since: 2020

Results achieved

• From 7-8% to 1% asset losses after solution deployment
• Reduced procurement cost by 3%
• 10% longer asset lifecycle on average
• 3-minutes to track and process an asset through its entire lifecycle

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