Webinar: The Digital Twins in Telco & Utility industries

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Centuries passed before the world dared to apply Leonardo da Vinci’s innovations. What would be different today if the Medici could fly? Let’s learn from the wisdom of history. Let’s embrace the enterprise transformation opportunity early this time.


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Main Topics from ‘The Digital Twins in Telco & Utility industries’

  • The industries in the time of the Digital Renaissance
  • The transforming business model in Telecommunications
  • Value Chain dynamics in the Telco industry
  • Power & Utility: From smart grid to renewable energy
  • The new operational model. Becoming a digital business
  • The transformation of Asset Management. Business & Tech perspective
  • The Digital Twins: Anatomy & use cases
  • Industry 4.0 VS Industry 4.1


Title: The Digital Twins in Telco & Utility industries
Duration: 1 hour


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