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Case Study From Excel to Excellence LandCare’s Capital Planning Revolution

How Capital Planning in LandCare Went From Excel to Excellence

Discover the journey LandCare undertook to optimize capital planning and enhance operational efficiency. Read the full case study to gain more insights into their story.

Strengthening Orbico’s logistic network with Asset Insider

From inefficient setup and the decentralized data storage to decreased procurement cost and optimization of unnecessary maintenance expenditures.

Efficient & Sustainable Asset Management in Facility Management

From simple purchasing and asset tracking to full-scale asset management automation – that is how our project with LandCare developed throughout the years.

Managing 1,000,000+ assets across India with a resilient supply chain

Sappience and Excitel partnered in 2020 to create an Amazon-like approach for internal asset logistics and build supply chain resiliency with automated asset lifecycle management.