Sappience achieves double Microsoft Gold Partner Status in just 3 months

In recognition of Sappience’s proven expertise and knowledge in application integration and development, Microsoft awarded the company with two Gold Partner Competencies.

With the latest exam certifications gained by the team and successful customer projects, Sappience achieved Microsoft Gold Partner Status in the areas of Application Integration and Application Development.

We are proud to be:

What is the purpose?

A partner company receives Microsoft Gold Partner status in recognition of proven best-in-class experience in a specific Microsoft solution area.

The Gold Competency in Application Development demonstrates Sappience’s technical capabilities in designing, developing, and monitoring cloud and web-based applications for our customers. The specialized training provided our team members with rapid software delivery and a continuous improvement skillset. It also expanded our knowledge in providing development services on an enterprise-proven platform.

The Gold App Integration Specialization showcases our technical skills in advanced integration and configuration tasks across an organization. Integrations and their mastery are an exclusive part of Asset Insider. The application has +400 custom and pre-defined ones across the Microsoft ecosystem and beyond.

“Choosing a new approach such as Low-Code, which 3-years ago was unpopular, was a gamble, but it looked like a risk worth taking considering the platform’s potential. So, we began developing and ended up with an MVP in less than 3-months, which internally confirmed the rapid delivery speed PowerApps provides. We laid our eyes on becoming a Gold Partner as soon as possible to extend our engagement with Microsoft.

Our customers will acquire even more added value through our partnership with the Microsoft team, and the better pricing and timing Sappience can offer compared to the competition. Having achieved the Gold Partner status, we also provide our partners and clients with a secure and stable future relationship with strong backing from Microsoft.”


Atanas Yanakiev, CTO of Sappience

How did we get there?

The certificate of recognition of Sappience's Gold Application Integration, Gold Application Development, and Silver S&M Cloud Solution CompetenciesTo obtain the Microsoft Gold Partner Status, Sappience achieved complete team certification and excelled in client project implementation. Team members have focused their efforts over the past quarter as part of our continuous improvement strategy. Ongoing learning and adoption of the latest technologies, trends, delivery of quality products and services embody our commitment to investing in the people in Sappience and their professional development.

Atanas described how the team met this test ‘Getting the Gold Competency in such a short period was a focused effort distributed within our team. Everyone took their part seriously and made an outstanding performance. Furthermore, all team members have achieved multiple certifications that assure and nurture their confidence and professional value. This successful transformation gives us plenty to expect from the future of Sappience and shows that we as a team will continue developing and will keep surfing on the crest of the wave of our digital future!’

What is about to change for us?

With the newly acquired status, Sappience will continue to develop its business and technology partnership with Microsoft. We will refine operations with advanced support from subject matter experts in relevant technology domains and access to a large pool of programs and tools.

Sappience aims to achieve even higher recognition from Microsoft, related to our core expertise and product – Low-Code Digital Twins (Asset Insider). We continue to invest in the team, develop our know-how and bring more added value to customers.