Simplify & Sappience Form A Partnership

In the rapidly evolving landscape of large enterprises, the complexity of managing a multitude of applications poses significant challenges. The seamless interaction between these applications becomes crucial for operational efficiency, yet many systems operate in silos. This fragmentation forces employees to expend valuable time bridging gaps between systems and ensuring data consistency.

Moreover, within the realm of Enterprise Asset Management, businesses grapple with the need to adapt to disruptions, handle astronomical data growth, meet customer expectations, and control budgetary concerns. These challenges demand innovative solutions to proactively make data-driven decisions and predict challenges before they arise.

Sappience and Simplify Consulting: A Strategic Partnership for Connected Automation

In response to the escalating demand for comprehensive automation solutions, Sappience and Simplify Consulting have forged a strategic partnership. Simplify, with its expertise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Process Management, complements Sappience’s Asset Insider—a Low-Code application designed for complete asset lifecycle management. This collaboration offers a connected automation strategy, promising greater efficiency gains for organizations facing the challenges of digital transformation.

Simplify, as an independent contractor, brings value-added services to enhance the return on investment from Asset Insider. Their consulting services, focused on process optimization and automation, coupled with RPA-related services, augment the capabilities of Asset Insider, creating a synergistic approach to enterprise asset management.

Angel Georgiev, CEO of Sappience, shares his thoughts on the milestone:

Our partnership program is pivotal for steering success and delivering enhanced value to our customers and asset-intensive businesses. Collaborating with Simplify, leveraging their business process management expertise and process automation mindset, positions us to empower customers with more robust strategies and practices in the realm of asset management.

We’re particularly thrilled that Simplify has chosen Asset Insider as their preferred solution for implementation. The synergy between a low-code solution like Asset Insider and business consultants with a technology-driven approach is poised to accelerate the Time-to-Value for those selecting our next-gen Enterprise Asset and Digital Twins Management tool. The low-code nature of Asset Insider also makes it an exceptionally suitable addition to the portfolios of business consultants, providing them with a powerful and versatile asset management solution.

Dragan Metikoš, Lead RPA Analyst and Partnership Manager at Simplify, also expressed his thoughts:

We are always excited to partner with companies that share our viewpoints when it comes to process optimization and automation as well simplifying the whole process for the client. Teaming up, we merge our expertise in Microsoft Power Platform with their cutting-edge asset management tool, Asset Insider. Together, we’re not just providing solutions; we fast forward our clients’ growth with seamless, end-to-end excellence.

Four Ways Sappience and Simplify Enable Smarter Asset Management

  1. Seamless Integration: The integrated solutions provided by Sappience and Simplify allow for the secure and intelligent automation of core business processes. This ensures a seamless flow of information between applications, saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.
  2. Proactive Decision-Making: Leveraging intelligent EAM systems, organizations gain real-time insights into asset performance. This facilitates proactive decision-making based on accurate data, enabling businesses to predict and address challenges before they impact operations.
  3. Cost-effective Lifecycle Management: Sappience and Simplify’s partnership empowers organizations with cost-effective asset lifecycle management.
  4. Customization and Agility: Asset Insider’s Low-Code agility, coupled with Simplify’s expertise, ensures a tailored approach to meet unique organizational needs.

Transforming Enterprises for a More Efficient Future

In conclusion, the partnership between Sappience and Simplify represents a significant stride toward operational excellence in enterprise asset management. As businesses strive to navigate the complexities of the digital era, this collaboration emerges as a pathway to connectivity and intelligent automation.