It was an interesting experience, to participate in the Global AI Night event covering a range of topics from Azure, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, to Cognitive Services from Microsoft.

We, at Sappience, are interested in developing our Smart Apps around the latest trends and technologies. So, we are always there being in a discussion on these topics, adding even more value to our solutions.

During the event, a nice keynote video showed some of the key points for the near future and the development of the Power Platform as well.

The guest speaker Andrey presented a very useful case of their experience of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning combined with cognitive services.

A very helpful and thorough explanation of their case of a real customer, solving a real problem. It was very nice that the format was a discussion and many questions were asked directly and got their answers from a first person’s experience. These kinds of projects are innovative and exciting, also very inspiring.

The end of the event was marked by a demonstration of the Azure Cognitive Services, container version, and running a few queries to demo the image recognition and text recognition capabilities of the platform.

After the official part of the event, we had a great networking session discussing innovations form different perspectives and how the community can drive new technologies together.

In general, a very beneficial event organized by the Bulgarian team of Microsoft, big thanks for your effort and passion! Can’t wait for the next one!