Sappience will join Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub at the beginning of December. Together we will empower asset-intensive organizations to unlock 360° Asset Lifecycle Management with Digital Twins and Low-Code.

Sappience qualifies for participation in Microsoft’s new digital ecosystem – Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. The platform aims to eliminate barriers to building a company with free access to technology, coaching, and support for founders at any stage of development. Beginning in December, Sappience, along with all eligible Microsoft for Startups members, will kick off this new venture.

How the latest Microsoft ecosystem will support all tech founders from idea to exit?

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is designed to help all tech entrepreneurs innovate and grow regardless of their background, location, progress, or passions. Its history begins almost two years ago. Microsoft set out to deeply understand the needs of founders and the unique challenges they face. Today, the platform is ready to start assisting founders to accelerate product development, fulfill their business roadmaps, and learn how to secure funds to run their startup.

The journey ahead of Sappience and Asset Insider with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

Microsoft for Startups supports all tech entrepreneurs from idea to exit with Azure and professional guidanceThe company is amongst the few participants in the newly-founded ecosystem, as the first ISV to create an independent Low-Code solution on the Microsoft Power Platform – Asset Insider. We will set out to democratize innovation in the asset-intensive industries and help them to connect the digital and physical aspects of their Enterprise Asset Management.

Currently, some of the recognized participants in the digital ecosystem are CustomerX.i, Miro, Abnormal security, Mural, Troops, Observe ai, Qumulo.