We released the third version of Asset Insider on 20 October to provide new means for innovating Asset Management practices to our user community. Our clients can access even more opportunities to create the basis for an Intelligent Asset Management System and experiment with the latest technologies.

We focused on expanding the opportunities for consumers to progress with the management of their assets in the desired direction. With the help of advanced functionalities and innovations, they will dictate the topic of development.

Unlock 360° Asset Lifecycle Management with Asset Insider

We are committed to helping more organizations connect the physical and digital aspects of their Asset Management and develop a Digital Twins ecosystem. Each version of Asset Insider brings improved and new tools for optimizing the stages of the asset lifecycle. With its Digital Twin nature and the freedom to customize with Low-Code, the user can build the bridge between his current practices and the next stages of their progress. From manual or unmanaged processes to the ideal operating level of industrial assets, the company dictates the pace of change.

Let us give you a sneak preview of what to expect in the third version of Asset Insider.

What is new? Тhe latest additions and improvements to Asset Insider

  • Extended reporting: Access various types of dashboards for analyzing internal processes, asset parameters, and other operations.
  • Asset Timeline: A brand new visualization of assets events through the lifecycle stages. Store full asset history and review historical data for future predictions.
  • Cost Management module: Record and track asset costs.
  • Inventory Check functionality: Manage your asset inventory item-wise and group-wise and balance dynamic inventory levels.
  • Custom parameters: Create and associate custom parameters to your assets, based on asset category or group.
  • Approval policies: Create custom approval policies for internal processes.
  • Asset Insider Mobile Companion: The new iOS and Android apps extend the core Asset Insider capabilities. Utilize the mobile device controls most efficiently and improve the user experience. Stay connected, organize, manage, and distribute work faster.
  • Warranty Management module: Manage assets warranties and warranty extensions.
  • Maintenance Plans: Create custom maintenance plans (predictive, preventive, prescriptive), automatically generating work orders based on predefined conditions or events.
  • Work Order Templates: Use predefined templates that will take place on maintenance plans executions.
  • Kanban: The Kanban board can yield a 5-10% reduction in operation costs. Achieve such results with the asset maintenance planning capabilities of Asset Insider. Optimize workload by organizing your teams’ tasks (work orders) with the latest Kanban feature.
  • Service Orders: Sent you assets for external repair with the enhanced Service Order module.

Build the bridge between Basic Asset Management and the Digital Twins with Low-Code

Asset Insider is in the enterprises of several asset-heavy industries – Telecommunications, Utilities, Logistics and Transportation, Facility Management. Consumers are increasingly looking for agile solutions that they can customize in a short time. The Insider makes available the capabilities of Low-Code technology for its user community. The application is based on the Microsoft Power Platform and allows the client to customize it without specific hard-coding skills.

Sappience combines these capabilities with the Digital Twin nature of the app. ‘3D visualization (through the Digital Twins) alone does not provide the greatest of value. The goal is to go beyond simple visualization. The business should create business applications that leverage historical and current data to fuel the Twin. From there, users make predictions for asset parameters and related processes,’ commented Angel Georgiev, CEO of sappience., in a recent interview. Asset Insider follows these principles and provides functionalities with which the business user can create predictive forecasts.

These two distinguishers of the Asset Management software (Asset Insider) enable the user to build the bridge between his current practices and the next stages of their progress. From manual Asset Management to employing Digital Twins across departments, your organization dictates the phase of development.


Visit the official page of the latest app release via the following link: https://connect.sappience.digital/asset-insider-experience