Entrepreneurs, Innovations, Experience, Teams, Capital Funds. These were the hot topics during the 2019 edition of “Entrepreneurs of the Future” discussions, held on the 25th of September in Capital Fort.

Angel Georgiev, the founder of Sappience, shared many details about how the idea and company were born. This happened during the discussion panel moderated by Victor Manev, the partner at Impetus Capital.

Angel and the rest of the entrepreneurs explained the challenges of establishing and developing their business ventures, focusing on building the foundation team, funding the idea, team expansion.

Viktor Manev closed the discussion with the simple question “Why you have decided to become entrepreneurs?”, and Angel’s short answer, referring to Sappience’ innovative approach, was:

“When you want to develop something that doesn’t exist, you have to create it first”

Before the startup discussion, there was a fireside chat with Vassil Terziev, co-founder of Telerik Academy and Campus X, and one of the successful examples of entrepreneurship in the IT industry.

During the Investor’s event, Sappience made a successful launch of the new “Challenge Us” campaign to encourage the problem-solving ideas and turn them into an Low-Code Apps.

And if you are still wondering what’s behind the QR Code, check the link: https://www.sappience.digital//challenge-us/ and register ASAP, as the free signup deadline is approaching.

PS: Sappience would like to say big thanks to the whole team of Investor – Katrin, Marta, Polly, Marto, and the rest of the crew, for making this event happen, and involving Sappience in it. Also, Kudos to all the entrepreneurs in the discussion panel for following your dreams:

@ Viktor Manev, Co-founder and Partner at Impetus Capital @ Gergana Stancheva, Co-founder of LAM’ON @ Nikolay Piriankov, CEO at Taylor & Hart @ Rosen Gentchev, Founder, Bioseek @ Georgi Kamov, Founder, Red Paper Plane @ Angel Georgiev, Founder and CEO at Sappience