We were quiet for a while but there was a reason behind.

In the last weeks, the Sappience team was busy polishing the next version of Asset Insider, our comprehensive asset management application, and onboard the first customers on it and in the new low-code apps reality.

The other major task for November was to publish the Asset Insider app in Microsoft AppSource. The AppSource is the global marketplace for business applications based on various Microsoft technologies. And so, the Insider is there, and the task is checked as done.

From a customer perspective, AppSource is the first place to search if you need specific business solutions or applications to support your digital transformation. And the Asset Insider is there in the first line not only to join your digital journey but to accelerate it.

Having our first solution tested, certified, and AppSource labeled from one hand is massive recognition. On the other hand, it’s the opportunity more and more customers to find, try, and use the application and their valuable feedback to impact the roadmap of this product. Because the app users’ feedback is a crucial part of our application lifecycle management. For us the customers’ voice matters!

Customers worldwide who are looking for asset management tools to extend and maximize the lifecycle of their assets and reduce the associated costs, now are on a 1-click distance from doing so.

But the Asset Insider is not just another option to select from. The solution is upscaled Low-Code Application based on Microsoft PowerApps, combining complex IoT, RPA, and AI technologies with simple and efficient user experience.

And unlike many others on the market, Asset Insider is open to the world and can be connected seamlessly to existing ERP or CRM systems like Dynamics 365 (Finance & Operations, Business Central, Customer Engagement), Salesforce, SAP, or Oracle Database. And vice versa, you can reach the Insider data from 1st or 3rd party BI tools like PowerBI, Qlik, Tableau, Looker, and others.

More deep-dive details about the Asset Insider can be found in the additional links and product information placed in the AppSource.

What’s next?

  • For Sappience: we are working on improvements and new features for the next update of the Asset Insider and creating brand new insightful content for our customers.
  • For Customers: you can review the app and trial it. Nothing to lose, much to win!