Control your assets and systems yesterday, today, and beyond with Digital Twins management refined with Low-Code automation

During the redesign of the website, we lost the parts of our digital DNA in the unexplored pages. Are you ready to join us in collecting them together?

Once you register to join the Scavenger Hunt you’ll receive a set of 8 questions and 1 task. You’ll restore the missing Digital DNA data pieces by finding the correct answer to those questions. You will have 7 days to complete the mission – the time expires on February 18 @ 4 pm (3 CET).

We have prepared 5 exciting Digital Twin Awards for such heroism.

Take your place among the winners!

1. One Grand Prize Winner

Be the first to send the correct answers and collect the missing DNA. Win a Personalized ‘Digital Twin-In-a-Day’ Workshop where you will:

  • Understand how a complete Digital Twin is created
  • Learn how to adapt it to the needs of your company
  • Get a roadmap for implementing this innovation to transform your business processes.

2. Four Ultimate Prize Winners

Get the chance to participate in sappience’s workshops this March. You’ll be exploring supply chain innovations across asset-intensive industries while engaging with market leaders. As an active participant in the workshops, you’ll be challenging the audience, asking questions, and sparking intriguing Q&A sessions.

  • Start: February 11 at 4 pm (3 pm CET)
  • End: February 18 at 4 pm (3 pm CET)

Take part in the sappience Scavenger Hunt: