Blog Post Turning a Challenge into Asset Insider’s New 30 Day Free Trial

At Sappience, we understand the importance of providing our potential customers with an opportunity to experience our product before making a commitment. Recently, we received an important update from Microsoft that initially seemed to pose a significant challenge to our operations:

Important: We’re Retiring Microsoft Commercial Marketplace Test Drives on June 6, 2024

Microsoft announced the retirement of the Test Drive feature from their commercial marketplace effective June 6, 2024. However, they made the change even before the declared date. As a result, customers will no longer be able to initiate new test drives from Microsoft AppSource.

While this change initially seemed like a setback, our team swiftly turned it into an exciting opportunity.

Introducing Asset Insider’s 30-Day Free Trial

Within just three weeks, our team developed an in-house 30-day free trial for Asset Insider. This extended trial period allows potential customers to fully immerse themselves in the functionalities and benefits of our platform, providing a more comprehensive evaluation period compared to the previous 48-hour test drive.

Key Features of the 30-Day Free Trial:

  • Extended Evaluation Period: Users can explore Asset Insider’s capabilities for a full 30 days, allowing for a deeper understanding of how the platform can meet their specific needs.
  • Full Access to Capabilities: During the free trial, users have access to the full suite of Asset Insider’s capabilities, enabling them to fully experience the product’s potential without any restrictions.
  • Seamless Transition: Our free trial is designed to offer a smooth transition to paid subscriptions, simplifying the process for users who decide to continue with Asset Insider after the trial period.


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Streamlined Access through Microsoft AppSource


Despite the removal of the Test Drive feature from Microsoft AppSource, we have created a shortcut for users. We now have a button on our product listing that redirects users to the sign-up form for the 30-day free trial. The whole process, from sign-up to log-in in the free trial environment, takes 3-4 minutes at most.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

We believe that every challenge presents an opportunity for growth and innovation. The retirement of Microsoft’s Test Drive feature has allowed us to rethink and enhance our trial offering, ultimately providing greater value to our potential customers. We are excited about this new 30-day free trial and are confident that it will offer a more immersive and comprehensive evaluation experience.

We appreciate the continued support and partnership from our customers and are committed to providing exceptional solutions that meet your needs. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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We invite you to take advantage of our new 30-day free trial and discover how Asset Insider can transform your asset lifecycle and operations management.

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