Telecommunication and Utility, it’s beyond time to rethink your asset management! Today, a great blizzard of all kinds of technologies is raging all over the world.

Along with it, the two industries have also spread their presence around the world. Except for their growing strength and capabilities, expectations, and challenges for businesses are growing as well.

What will happen if Telco and Utility and the technologies join forces? Is it possible for the meeting between them to prove to be the solution sought by businesses? Can it help them adapt and survive during the Digital Renaissance?

Sappience will be joined by Microsoft to deliver a unique live webinar experience and answer these questions:

Empower the Value Chain by adopting Digital Twins technology in Utilities & Telco

Our panel of experts will discuss everything around:

  • The industries current and forecasted market environment
  • The evolution of asset management from PAS 55 to PaaS
  • How do the Digital Twins exist, what are their needs and how to bring them to life
  • The real-life implementation of the technology

One more special thing about the event: We’re going to show you the Digital Twins in real-life action on Asset Insider.

So, join us on July 16th, and let’s conquer the Renaissance, the same way that Da Vinci did 6 centuries ago!

Wondering who are the presenters? Meet them here.